Anxiety Disorder Counselling & Therapy

Anxiety and stress are normal responses that promote our survival by triggering the fight-flight-freeze response. With this programmed response, increased blood flow, heart rate, and adrenaline motivate us to keep ourselves safe. For many people, this alarm reaction is brief and appropriate to this situation.

​Couples Counselling ​& Relationship Therapy

Close relationships are vital to living a fulfilling, healthy life as explored in couples counselling. Although having an honest, loving relationship is a natural desire, relationships are more difficult than we imagine. Get back on track with the help of Vancouver relationship counselling.



​Depression Counselling​

If you’ve ever been depressed, you know the difference between feeling down in the dumps briefly and depression. Depression is a mood disorder, in which people are distressed or impaired in their functioning.

​Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an innovative approach to couples therapy with strong empirical backing. Developed originally in Vancouver, B.C., and now recognized internationally, EFT marriage counselling (couples relationship therapy) assists distressed couples in creating new, more positive interactions and attachments. It does this by helping couples to access and express the deeper feelings and dependency needs that underlie their conflict. 



​Sex Therapy ​& Sexual Addiction Counselling

Human sexuality is a vital aspect of life. At some point in the life cycle, many people will experience problems with their sexuality and could benefit from the assistance of sex therapists (also called sexologists). As a sex therapist in Vancouver, BC, who combines compassion with a variety of sex therapy exercises and techniques, I provide professional sex therapy Vancouver counselling services to adult individuals and couples, regardless of age, genders, and orientation.