Registered Psychologist Vancouver BC

Why See a Registered Psychologist​?

​​Dr. Paul S. James
Registered Psychologist #975

Registered psychologists provide professional services to individuals, offering psychotherapy and counselling to help them cope with various psychological challenges. Unlike other Vancouver therapists and counsellors, a licensed and Registered Vancouver Psychologist ​belongs to a regulated body of professional psychologists who provide counselling and psychological services in the province of British Columbia. They are professionals and have doctorates generally, which ensures a high, minimum standard of training, and adhere to an ethical code of conduct. If you have concerns about ​their services, they are accountable to the College of Psychologists of BC.

It is also important to see a psychologist you are comfortable with because it is widely accepted in psychology that it is not the treatment approach that uses that facilitates change but his or her ability to form strong working relationships. In addition, research shows that incorporating feedback from clients and using disciplined practice to improve as a therapist also enhances change.

Life is difficult, and at some point you may experience what many people who seek registered psychologists and counsellors report feeling:

  • Hopeless and like a mess
  • Adrift, without a purpose
  • Conflicted internally
  • Troubled by problem behaviors that seem out of control
  • Confused and stuck in life
  • In emotional pain
  • Torn between wanting a loving connection and sabotaging it
  • Anxious
  • Bad about yourself
  • Distressed in a relationship or marriage with recurring patterns of conflict
  • Worried about sex

Psychological Services and Therapy for Individuals and Couples

As a Registered, Vancouver Counselling Psychologist, I am privileged to help individual adults and couples change how they feel about themselves and their relationships. Some of the areas in which I provide mental health therapy services for individuals and couples are:

Positive Outcomes from Seeing a Counsellor or Mental Health Professional

Although there is no guarantee of a positive outcome, at the end of counselling, clients often report feeling:

  • Like a weight has lifted
  • Calm and more themselves
  • More vital and alive
  • Less anxious sexually
  • More comfortable with a close connection
  • Better able to listen/communicate without becoming defensive
  • In control of previously out of control behaviors
  • Better able to access their resources/abilities/inner strength

How Can I Help You with Your Mental Health?

As a counsellor in Vancouver, BC, my approach to therapy and psychotherapy is depth-affective-cognitive-behavioral. This means that I work by helping people to change distressing thoughts, feelings, and behavior with an understanding that the source of our difficulties lies in past trauma and our defenses against trauma feelings.

This humanistic and psychodynamic approach is rooted in forming a warm, compassionate relationship in which people feel safe and understood. Within such a context, I motivate people to look at the unhealthy ways that they are avoiding painful feelings from the past (see the link, Intrusive Feelings). As people slowly give up their defenses and bring their presence/mindfulness to these feelings, they move toward genuine health. I offer both support and challenge, and draw upon tools and techniques from numerous approaches to psychotherapy – such as gestalt, EMDR, and Voice Therapy – as well as over a decade of personal therapy in facilitating this process toward health.

For a more detailed sense of how I work with individual adults and couples as an addictions counsellor and psychotherapist, please click on links to the Case Studies. These are hypothetical clinical cases of individuals and couples struggling with issues such as anxiety/depression, low sexual desire, marital conflict, and male sexual performance problems.

​Help is Available Nearby

Dr. James has been counselling in Vancouver, BC, for 32 years in community agency settings (alcohol/drugs, mental health, and employee/family assistance) and private practice. Dr. Paul James, R.Psych. likes how he works with people and feels confident about assisting you to make the changes you want in your life. Dr. James invites you to contact him by internet or in person by phone if you would like a five to ten minute consultation in order to identify your issues and to ask questions about his services (please note that Dr. James does not offer free sessions to help clients determine “fit”). No referral from a medical doctor is required with the exception of a few, specific extended health plans that require a physician's referral. Dr. Paul James is currently accepting new clients.

I am once again offering face-to-face sessions.